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Preparing for Preschool in Duluth

Posted on 12-17-2014


Adjusting to life in preschool can be difficult for any child, even one who has attended daycare in the past. Preschool introduces structure, and helps your child to become more independent. There are a few ways that parents can help their child prepare for life in preschool which will make the transition easier. We will take a look at some tips and how they can be applied to get your child ready for preschool.

Organize play dates with other children

One of the biggest challenges faced by new preschoolers is integrating seamlessly with a much larger group of learners. This can prove all the more difficult for a child who has not experienced life in a day care center or other group setting previously. Arranging play dates will allow your child to get used to sharing toys, taking turns when playing games, and waiting for a chance to talk. These vital skills are needed when in a preschool setting.

Do not rush your child

Spending extended periods of time away from you can sometimes be difficult for your child. Plan for enough time to allow your child to take his or her time when getting ready in the morning. Hang around after drop off time, and provide reassurance that you will definitely be back.

Recreate preschool activities at home

It is a good idea to recreate some of the activities your child will experience at preschool in your home. Encourage activities like arts and crafts, and take every opportunity you can to read to your child. These skills will help your child cope better when he or she enters the classroom environment.

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