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Five Ways to Reduce Infant Illness at Daycare

Posted on 05-02-2014 | Connie Moscoso

daycare_duluth_gaParents of infants often worry their child will contract common childhood illnesses such as colds anytime they are with a group of children such as at a birthday party, the mall, on a play date, or at daycare. At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies we address this by having strict policies in place for health and safety, which include consistent handwashing, high standards for cleanliness, attendance policies for sick children, extensive staff training, and announcing any communicable disease by written notice within 24 hours. We also share helpful hints with our families, such as the following natural ways to boost your immune system.

Natural ways to boost your infant's (and your own) immune system:

  • Healthy diets that include fresh fruits and vegetables help your child stay well. If your infant is beginning to eat solid food, you can add different fruits and vegetables to get them accustomed to these healthy foods. If they get used to the texture of fruits and vegetables as their taste buds develop, it may result in a healthier lifestyle in the future.

  • Water can replace sweetened juices for infants who are over six months of age. Water cleanses the system, rids the body of toxins, supports dental health, and supports optimal cellular function in the body. Water enables the body to resist germs that can break down immune defenses.

  • Breastfeeding is highly recommended, especially for the first few weeks or months of your infant's life. Breast milk contains antibodies that create a natural barrier to germs and disease until your baby develops a stronger immune system.

  • Exercising regularly and spending time outdoors in the fresh air naturally revitalizes body and mind for parents and children. Being outdoors also promotes general health and a stronger body. Make sure your infant is wearing enough layers in winter and is protected from the sun in summer.

  • Sleeping is nature's regeneration and repair time. Getting enough sleep will ensure that your child's defenses are ready and able to fight off physical ailments. A regular bedtime schedule is essential for maintaining good health.

At Kids 'R' Kids of Duluth / Suwanee, Georgia, we keep infants happy and healthy through daily exercises, and we update parents with daily reports and weekly lesson plans.

Kids 'R' Kids of Duluth / Suwanee, Georgia, is a learning academy that offers infants ages six weeks or older the chance to start a lifetime of learning with an accredited infant and toddler learning program. Kids 'R' Kids offers a nurturing environment and physical activities to ensure that your child has a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Contact us to find out more about our milestone-focused infant and toddler programs.

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